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Account Types

Real Account

After performing market analysis using available analytical tools and practicing strategies on the demo account, traders can place their orders in different time frames (from 30 seconds to a month) and desired amounts in their live trading account.

Contest Account

After joining CloseOption weekly contests through this account, traders compete with other participants to win one of 20 cash prizes that are part of the $3,000 prize pool.

Demo Account

This type of account has been made available to make customers more familiar with the market and provide them with the opportunity to improve their trading skills. Here, you have a chance to start risk-free trading with an initial virtual balance of $1,000.

Withdrawal Process

Traders must go through the approval process to withdraw their money and profits. Therefore, they are required to upload an identity document, such as a driving license or an ID card, and an address document, like an electricity bill. After completing your identity and address verification and making a withdrawal request, according to our terms and conditions, money will be sent to your account within three working days. In most cases, this process is done within a few hours.

Payment Methods



Perfect Money

Coin Peyment Option

Welcome gift

After creating your account, an unconditional cash gift is added to your trading account to test our services.

Unconditional cash gift

This gift is an amount of money credited into your trading account that is completely unconditional and, therefore, can be withdrawn or used for trading.

Referral commission

Through our referral program, traders can get $1 for every $100 trade their invited clients take.

Free contests

To encourage traders to participate in our trading competitions and benefit from its unconditional cash prizes, we sometimes run contests that don’t require a contestant to pay an entry fee.

VIP-level gift

VIP customers receive a weekly cash gift by submitting their request via e-mail or ticket after the financial team’s approval.

Deposit bonus

Currently, the 44% deposit bonus is available.